Saturday, October 23, 2010


A test through Windows Live Writer.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waning Moon - A Paragraph Story

It was not meant to be so painful. The wrath of the Gods that made me the princess of Darkness. Forever to be apart from my love, my Sun. Only to meet at twilight as He faded away into the depths. The many stars that twinkle are the days I have been away from Him. Still I look forward to tomorrow, for yet another spark of light, when He wakes up and brightness the mortal’s day. And I wane in sorrow, hoping that the Gods will be kind to me one day.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ever felt like you never wanted to eat, but you had to.
You never wanted to breathe, but you had to.
You never wanted your heart to beat, but it had to.
You never wanted to love, but you had to.
You wanted the pain, but it never came.

What do you call this? A twisted joke of life or the echo of an aching heart?
My heart aches not in pain, but in joy. A sweet pain that seeps through my veins, transforming my mind, body and soul into a hysteric frenzy. I somehow feel the time is arriving. My purpose is getting done. That is why the pain is getting sweeter and I feel much at ease now. Many may call me mad or a soul full of life, but I know that I am different and my difference is what makes me for real. A reality that bloomed in times that I would rather have not lived, but would rather have, in times when great poets walked this earth, great artists painted the world’s stories, great musicians saw the passion of life and many a great men and women saw life unlike others.

Yet, I live now. With a purpose. With a meaning. With a path, which I tread every day. I could walk on forever and ever. Come walk along with me. Hold my hands and you will see and feel life unlike any, with a promise of friendship, compassion and unwavering commitment to the school of trust. The trust that I live by. Walk along. May the cobbled pathways or the tarred roads lead us to a deeper meaning of life, love and us.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Selfless love

What is selfless love? A love filled with warmth, respect, understanding, trust, passion and all things lovely. To earn this love and to give this, one has to be overwhelmingly open towards embracing love in its complete form. So who is that deserves this? Everyone. All hearts yearn for this and all souls thrive on this. Even as you stand at the doors of death, this love is what will make you strong, holding your hands, with no fear. Share this selfless love with all and see the change for yourself. There is no meaning in restricting your love for one, love all. Respect all. And your heart and soul will feel like the bird that soars above in the skies. Do not fear that your love or the love your loved one is giving you will vanish. It will only double, triple, quadruple. Fear not, just share.

After all 6-feet under is where we are all heading. So why restrict the love when alive?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Get L.E.U.ed!

Music has a way of capturing your heart and emotions, entangling with the experiences in your life, giving a tune and sense to it.

The best thing about being a creative is that I need not take any drugs. Being one is addictive enough.

Just because I don’t seem like the talkative type doesn’t mean that I got my tongue surgically removed. :p See this?

Peace, people, please.

You dare step in to MYSPACE and i will TWITTER the cops. They will GOOGLE you till station and you will YAHOO in pain coz your FACEBOOK will be bashed up.

Some relationships are like square pegs in round holes. Geometric but not matching.

My power breakfast: A slice of Twitter, baked Facebook with masala Rediff and a glass of Google News. *burp*

The biggest tragedy of life is death. And the biggest promise we all live for, resurrection, alas after death. What an irony!

We are born into a complicated life wherein our mission is to uncomplicate it with our actions. Either way, we end up 6 feet under.

If it is a crime to be good to people, then i deserve to be loved till death.

It's easy to become insane and it's a challenge to remain sane.

I hate monotony. I hate it more than bitter gourd.

A creative idea a day, keeps me charged all day.

It's wonderful to rewind life and see the moments that make the present. Some funny, some stupid, some emotional, some not-worth-remembering .... it's all that small, medium and big moments that has paved way to my current life. And about the future, it's like being in the mind of Lewis Carroll and his imaginery world ...of Alice in Wonderland. Present? I guess by the time i finish typing it, it would have become past.

It's never too late to say I love you, I miss you, Please forgive me, I forgive you, Thank you... Moments may come and go, but people once gone... are gone forever.

“We, us, our” stand insignificant before “I, me, mine” at some point of our life.

I need no shoulder to cry on when i am sad and tears roll down my face. All i need is Premier's 2 ply special face tissue. So soft and no questions.

Sometimes i feel i should not have been a human with feelings, but a rock that just stands still even when its hit by all.

I see myself as a floppy disk in life. I aspire to become a CD, then a DVD, then a Blue-Ray Disk and finally .... there i am!

Breaking your own heart hurts more than breaking someone else's heart.

Yesterday we met, it was fate. Today we meet, it is blissful. Tomorrow we meet, it is divine.

What’s on TV? - Crazy teenagers wanting their bit of reality on TV. Desi version of firangi shows that doesn’t suit the taste of Indian ethos. Mass digging of musical/ dancing talents in and around India. Soaps (serials) that leave a stink even after 100 episodes. Journalism that screws the professionalism out of the channel. Mushrooming of channels that need a bigger remote to control. Matches (cricket) that leaves a hole in the mind of the viewer and money in the pocket of the player. Overdose of ads that can evolve into a brand-based serial in the future. .... and what not!!!!!!!!!

Farm-ville and Yo-ville makes my day Glee-ville!

When you know that time is too short to live wasted, you waste it even more thinking of what next!

To understand a person, you have to do just two things .... listen & observe. Wherever these two things are missing, you find estranged relationships and fake egos.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nocturnal Feelings – A Paragraph Story

Cuddled with the pillows, holding a rosary in the hand, as I slept on the sparkling white bed, I heard the call of the nocturnal creature from beyond the windows. Waking up and moving towards the window, I saw the gleaming eyes in the woods. With every breath, I heard a voice calling me out, to come and seek the nocturnal feelings of the aggrieved soul that haunted the woods. With every step I took towards the woods and the rosary beaming on my fair hand, I held out my hands to the wind. A cold hand held me and swept me off the ground into the strong arms. I clutched on to the rosary and looked into the crimson lips to see the trickle of blood seeping from between. The eyes held the sorrow of years of torment, as it locked with mine. I closed my eyes. I woke up with a pool of blood beside me, which seemed like rose petals laid out for my welcome. A welcome to the world of sleepless nights for eternity. The cold hand held me and I walked alongside, deep into the woods. I turned around to see the rosary beads scattered on the ground – reminiscent of my shattered soul.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

My heart speaks ...

Every day we wake up. Maybe with a nightmare or vibrant energy or as a plain reaction of our body-clock. We all get into our routines. Just like clock-work we all move about thinking within our self – our family, our husband/boyfriend, our friends, our pet dog, our file on the desk, the meeting at 9 .... what not. But once for a moment have we realised what is the next person walking beside you, standing in the next lane, reading a paper, watching a woman pass by ..... thinking, wondering in his mind or heart. I have sometimes tried to find what it is. But everything seems blur. That urge of wanting to know, lend a ear, sometimes makes me wonder, should i do it? Should i be so human to be bothered beyond my world. Worried about others? I feel the pull from within, a million doubts, questions? I just can’t help thinking, how can i change that person’s life. Every day when i hear a news of death, atrocity, pain, sadness...i feel so numb. I feel helpless for my stupid emotions telling me, where you when it happened ... savouring an ice cream, giggling over a joke. I sincerely feel bad for all those in pain. All that doubts in their mind about who is hearing, who will help me? But over time, i realise i am just one of them...with a beating heart, pumping blood in to remind me i am human. How can a person find the simple joys of life, when so much of pain around us is suffocating us? But one thing keeps me happy even amongst all this pain .... of looking up into the sky, seeing the clouds go by, seasons changing, stars shining, rain falling ... to see this everyday when you wake up, is nothing less of a miracle. A hope that He is watching, listening and sheltering me and you from the pain around to be rejoined in peace at last. But to reach that peace, one has to keep his eyes open, mind even more open .... to accept, understand and believe .... that we see for we have to change, we imagine for we have to foresee ... the highest aspirations we should be upholding in trying times ... of peace and love and freedom to unite at last, as one, with Him. I so want to write more, my heart is overwhelmed with words, which my hands are not able to carry ... but if you feel me, please know that i care for you, as a human ... even if i am sitting miles away from you, for just next door. I hear you. And i know, things will change, for good, for love. Love you all.